Elsa Corsi


Inspired by the grandeur of Old Hollywood and a red carpet sensibility, jewellery that carries the mark of Elsa Corsi are endearing and important symbols that define the new generation of haute couture costume jewellery. Unique in style and technique, each piece is still produced by hand in a private studio in Vancouver, Canada.




Olivia is represented by a wolf who expresses the essence of their beautifully handcrafted headpieces in Vancouver, BC. Olivia brides know what they want. They don't follow, they lead. They like tradition but are the ultimate wanderers. They are fighters but they're kind. They are confident but generous.They are strong but playful. They are brave but gracious. They are fearless but loveable. They are part of a gang but they're discerning. They have character. They are honest They are smart. They are beautiful.


Sarah Gabriel


Sara Gabriel Veiling & Headpieces are  individually cut by a professional milliner and finished by hand. The beautiful collection of headpieces and hair jewelry is meticulously crafted from freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, hand-sculpted flowers, and glittering rhinestones. Each piece can be handcrafted to suit your individual style and make it uniquely yours!